About the concept

My name is Simon Gripenberg. I'm an artist, graphic designer and lecturer living in Pietarsaari, Finland. I believe in openness and a sharing community, hence Simon Shares. I prefer spending my time IRL. However, I made this site, since leaving a digital footprint is inevitable.

I prefer slowness. A non-reflective growth paradigm has generated climate change, biodiversity loss, social inequalities and economic instability. Our modern civilization has reached a dangerous level of efficiency and complexity. Having become a geophysical force we are now facing the Anthropocene. Therefore I believe in simplicity wherever possible, and complexity only when justifiable and necessary. I think a shift in mindset and behavior is more important than further technical development, although we need both.

My profession is sculptor but I prefer working interdisciplinary, combining different techniques and materials. In my art projects I experimentally combine for example physics, scientific research and elements from nature. My art is partly influenced by technology, since I have also studied mechanical engineering. I raise questions about the different perspectives of sustainability; e.g. the social, the economic, the cultural and the environmental. My approach is critical but at the same time constructive; proposing alternative ways of thinking and even some possible solutions.

About the site

I built my previous website using a Wordpress template (here is a screenshot of it). After it was badly hacked I decided to resist complexity. I am also tired of heavy and slow sites filled with ads and banners. Content should be more important than layout. I decided to create this website using basic HTML and CSS code as well as scalable SVG pictograms. You also find old fashioned solutions such as downloadable PDF portfolios. This website will function mainly as a hub guiding you to my projects in different media channels. My main priority is not chasing clicks and likes, so I am quite a sporadic user of the social media.

Although I'm a Finnish citizen, my mother tongue is Swedish. As an artist I want to communicate my ideas to as many as possible. My previous site was in Swedish. I was thinking about translating it into Finnish as well as English, but found that too time consuming. Now I have made the conclusion that this site will be maintained only in English, since most of you probably are familiar with this language. This will save me a lot of time; time that I can spend in the physical world, where I most want to be.

About the principles

The content on this website is published under a Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND license, if nothing else is mentioned (some pictures are under copyright). This means that you can share the content for non-commersial purposes as long as you don't modify it and remember to mention that I created it and it goes under a Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND license. For further information click here.

You can contact me att simon(at sign)my domain name or feedback(at sign)my domain name